the complete death of cool.

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Hej, I'm Annka.
I'm through being cool.

Why should I stand in the back of the room if I don’t want your arms and feet in my face or your body suddenly crashing into mine?

Nuclear Spring Mos Maiorum

S I G N A L   B O O S T // P L E A S E  S H A R E

An EU joint police operation “Mos Maiorum” will take place from 13 - 26 October 2014. 

About 18,000 police officers are expected in the joint operation with Frontex to hunt foreigners without the so called residence rights. 

This attempt could be a strategy to monitor viable migration routes and to arrest as many foreigners as possible.

Expect massive police control  and racial profiling in trains, at airport areas, motorways and borders within the European Union.


Hahaha, seriously?! Spam is so polite these days. My interest in skinny white women in expensive yet boring clothes is below average, I assume.