the complete death of cool.

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Hej, I'm Annka.
I'm through being cool.

I had this conversation with a friend last night where I was asked at which distros I usually shop for music and they caught me off my guard as I don’t have any specific places I turn to for shopping (beside a bunch of labels), yet I have to fully admit that it is a pain in the ass as a person who usually has to chose the “International Shipping” option to search for records on serveral different places online. So, just in case I get asked again or for my future shopping: Where do you buy  yr records? Can you recommend any  well-stocked distros?

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  1. uncool answered: Früher, als ich noch viele Platten gekauft habe: bei Fligh13 und Green Hell gab es immer tolle Auswahl. Techno/House: Smallville in Hamburg
  2. 6seasons-and-a-movie answered: Best Buy has a good selection of records and is growing!
  3. broken-shoelace answered: Thank god (or whoever) it’s just 200m from here! :)
  4. fliegtallesauf answered: in hamburg auch gerne bei michelle records
  5. zappenduster answered: bei pascal meudiademorte, robert bissaufsmesser in berlin, bei timo pleasure syndicate, in muenster im green-hell, hansaplatten in hh!
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